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Digital Print

Zeller+Gmelin digital printing inks for flat or 3-dimensional applications, adding value in customization of product information and decoration in graphics, packaging and industrial printing.



Industrial inkjet printing differs from graphic applications in that industrial printing is a sub-process of manufacturing. In other words, it is integrated into an existing manufacturing process - a kind of product component. The printing adds information and properties, refines, increases the quality and functionality and thus the value of the product. The decoration is therefore part of the final product.

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Graphics + Packaging

Our high-quality printing inks and varnishes for labels, moulded parts, metal decorating, commercials, conventional packaging and food packaging (low-migration printing inks and varnishes) have proven themselves outstandingly in practice worldwide. This diverse portfolio will be complemented in the future by our new digital printing inks, in the development of which we have benefited from our extensive experience.

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Cleaning Liquids

Whether for surface treatment, as rinsing fluid or for maintenance and care - with the special cleaning fluids from Zeller+Gmelin the safety and quality of your digital printing equipment and print heads is guaranteed.

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