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High quality release agents for concrete, asphalt and mixer protection

With DIVINOL® concrete release agents and asphalt release agents as well as DIVINOL mixer protection and formwork waxes, Zeller+Gmelin offers a comprehensive product range of high-quality release agents for civil engineering and building construction as well as for precast plants.

Clean separation and effective protection

DIVINOL concrete release agents enable the clean separation of formwork and concrete through physically and chemically active substances. The concrete release agent is characterised by optimum compatibility with all formwork materials. At the same time, they provide for uniformly coloured surfaces and reduce pores and cavities by hydrophilic release agents based on high-quality, light base oils. DIVINOL concrete release agents are easy to process and can be used at temperatures from -20°C to 100°C.

DIVINOL asphalt release agents protect machinery and equipment in the asphalt processing protect from wear and tear, ensure reliable continuous operation and prolong their use. The easily biodegradable release agents for hot and mastic asphalt protect the environment, prevent the adhesion of bitumen to bitumen and asphalt plants and are suitable for stone mastic asphalt.

DIVINOL universal mixer protection for concrete truck mixers, concrete pumps, concrete mixing plants and construction vehicles protects rubber and plastic and preserves all painted parts. DIVINOL mixer protection prevents rust corrosion, saves time-consuming cleaning work and not affect the quality of the concrete.

DIVINOL formwork waxes are liquid or pasty formwork waxes on solvent basis. These are used above all for the initial treatment of planking as well as for special applications in precast plants. For DIVINOL concrete release agents, asphalt release agents, mixer protection and formwork waxes, corresponding testing according to OECD 301c/OECD 301f, as well as the Blue Angel according to RAL-UZ 178 with regard to the biodegradability of each product is available.