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Chemical products and processes

No matter whether your requirements relate to water treatment, surface treatment, purge fluids or maintenance and care, the chemical products and processes from Zeller+Gmelin drive up the safety and quality of your production processes. Our chemical products and procedures ensure low dosage, optimal detacking, and reliable cleaning at low concentrations.

Analytics service

Smooth production processes and superior product quality with full environmental compatibility: To do so, our in-house analytical laboratory works on process water and residue analyses, tests the environmental behaviour of chemical products, and provides support in product development and process monitoring.


Modern painting systems efficient painting processes sustain and improve your competitive position in the painting industry. We support you with comprehensive know-how and long-standing experience in the design of complete painting systems, and the development of innovative painting processes.

Efficient execution of systems and processes

Would you like to run your systems and processes in the most efficient and safe manner? We help you get the most out of your processes through employee training and by checking the effectiveness of your technical equipment.

Full management service

Our full management service for systems - from chemical management to equipment management all the way to cleaning and billing - helps you focus solely on their efficient operation.